Donald Reeves: Teachers going – and coming

December 14, 2013 

Regarding your Dec. 9 editorial “Exit: N.C. teachers”: Your obvious attempt to gin up sympathy for teachers missed a couple of key points. If pay is so bad, why do so many teachers take retirement at the earliest age possible then return to teaching by the following school year to basically double dip on salary impact to local education system? This common practice screws up supply-demand for new graduates and lowers salaries as the UNC system generates too many education graduates. It may also be why your numbers show an increase in exit rate as baby boomers hit the door on both sides.

During the frenzy over school choice and the ensuing charge of racial bias a couple of years ago, the media talking point was that teachers would not want to teach in low-income schools, which is a backhanded way of saying teachers are bigots and racists.

In this editorial in a similar way you are saying teachers are greedy and focus on pay as first priority since your logic is they generally would not teach in a low-pay state. The teachers I know are not the teachers you describe. Please think about the full perspective of your comments before carrying the water for NCEA.

Donald Reeves

Holly Springs

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