Roy Ross: Cloudy compensation

December 14, 2013 

Regarding the Nov. 28 news article “GOP split on teacher raises”: I hope legislators look very hard at teacher compensation. However, the focus needs to be put on “output” instead of “input.” By that I mean what we get for our money. A brief examination of the states that lead the U.S. in funding education and usually higher salaries shows that there is no correlation between higher funding and better results by just about any measurement.

It’s long past the time to increase inputs without expecting an improvement in output, and that means teachers and administrations should not only be challenged with improving the results of the system but also be at risk if the system fails to improve.

The only other job I know of that allows someone to be wrong or apparently inept as much as our current school systems allow is weather forecasting. Sorry, weather folks.

Roy Ross

Southern Pines

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