Freelancers can work anywhere – and without shoes

vbridges@newsobserver.comDecember 16, 2013 

Small Business reporter Virginia Bridges went to the “UnCompany” holiday party for “freelancers and the freelance curious” at Motorco Music Hall in Durham last week. She asked attendees to list their favorite and least favorite things about working for themselves. This is what they said.

• “My favorite would be setting your own hours and being able to define your workday for yourself,” said Cady Childs of Durham, who does freelance marketing and public relations. Her least favorite is not being able to bounce ideas off other people, she said.

• “I get to work on a much smaller scale. I get to work with clients to pick materials and color and design,” said Raleigh’s Kelly Kye, who works on commissioned quilts. “My least favorite thing is probably holding myself accountable for my hours.”

• “As a mom, it’s really nice to be able to take the time to do the things that are important to your kids,” said Jennifer Gardner, a public relations specialist with her Chapel Hill firm Pretty Fab PR. “My least favorite thing is the cash flow crunches that come with the ebb and flow of freelancing.”

• “My favorite thing is the ability to work anywhere, like I could go to Mexico to work,” said Christin Prince, who owns digital marking company MoMe Digital in Asheville. Her least favorite? “I miss my IT department.”

• “I don’t have to wear shoes all the time, and I get to decide if something is not fun or not working,” said Katie DeConto, community director and co-founder of Mercury Studio in Durham. “A positive and a negative is no one tells you what to do.”

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