George Matthis: DENR exodus

December 16, 2013 

The Dec. 16 Point of View “ Why I left my DENR job: conscience” by Amy Adams points out a nagging, re-occurring problem that demands public attention.

I retired from DENR in 2011, prior to the takeover of the department, and I can sympathize with Adams’ position, having observed the shift in DENR’s mission and goals. The public is left with the perception that DENR is an agency with no backbone for upholding environmental laws and too few dedicated employees, apparently by design, to adequately enforce these laws and regulations.

I’m sure there are those who will ostracize Adams for leaving and publicly explaining her reason for departure, but being familiar with her work in one of DENR’s regional offices, I know she was a fair, intelligent and competent employee who cared about her work and helping the public and industry alike. How many more employees of her caliber will be forced to leave because they are required to compromise their morals and ethics? Who will be left to protect the environment and public health on a regulatory level?

George Matthis


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