Dawn Stein: Be proactive on transit

December 16, 2013 

So, the plan is to wait until the population density guarantees commuter gridlock and only then will we build a modern transit system? In the meantime, we’ll keep throwing our tax dollars into more highways, which after paying to build we will also pay to use. This toll feature will ensure that no commercial cars, trucks or vans will be using I-540. They won’t accept the toll fees as a cost of doing business. This is not a plan, this is a reaction.

Let’s skip straight to the part where we implement a comprehensive transit plan that will accommodate the increasing population and put us on a globally responsible path. The plan should include express buses, powered by natural gas, that stop at well-planned transit hubs and strategically placed park and rides along our existing highways and electrically powered light rail trains that service the airport, downtown Raleigh and Durham, the RTP and all of our regional universities. Later routes can be built connecting transit hubs in cities such as Apex, Clayton, etc.

One full bus removes dozens of cars from the road, and a train removes hundreds.

Dawn Stein


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