Richard A. Usanis: Don’t build bridge

December 16, 2013 

Rather than blaming the Southern Environmental Law Center for delaying a new Bonner Bridge (“Group blasted over bridge delay,” Dec. 5 news article), Gov. Pat McCrory and his administration should be applauding them and hoping that they win.

The SELC bridge proposal will bring more jobs to the area and more federal money to the state and provide for a longer-lasting solution. McCrory and Tony Tata should work with the SELC to bring a quick resolution to this problem, particularly since McCrory and Tata have both ascribed to being problem-solvers, and agreeing with the SELC is one quick solution.

I don’t believe a new bridge should be built. The taxpayers of the whole state should not be subsidizing those who choose to live on sandbars that are inextricably moving westward. Building bridges and repairing a road (N.C. 12) that is continuously being washed out only encourages people to do things they should know better than to do. If they want to live there, that’s fine, but the taxpayers shouldn’t support such behavior. Provide them an at-cost ferry. The only long-term, lasting and affordable solution to the bridge/road problem is not to build a bridge at all.

Richard A. Usanis


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