Randy Wells: Food failures

December 16, 2013 

I’ve notice a change from a decade ago in that an increasing number of submitted manuscripts on crop science are coming from People’s Republic of China and fewer from the United States. This trend is a reflection of the much larger expenditures by the PRC than by the U.S. in agricultural research.

In fact, our research budgets at N.C. State have been drastically reduced over the last two decades, and it is frightening to say the least. Our failure to fund such research will cause the U.S. to become an also-ran in agricultural research and development.

Agriculture is North Carolina’s No. 1 industry, and that is because we have continually found new and better production technology and disseminated that information to our clientele, the people of North Carolina. We are killing the goose that laid the golden egg, and in the process we are weakening our state and country.

We’re willing to go to war for oil. Just wait until we start to import our food.

Randy Wells

Professor of Crop Science, N.C. State; associate editor, Crop Science, Fuquay-Varina

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