What to Watch on Tuesday: ‘Voice’ finale and ‘How Sherlock Changed the World’

Posted by Brooke Cain on December 17, 2013 

Forensic scientists, crime historians and Sherlockian experts reveal for the first time the astonishing impact the legendary crime fighting detective had on the development of real life criminal investigation and forensic techniques.


How Sherlock Changed the World (9pm, UNC-TV) - A fascinating two-hour look at how the investigative techniques used by the fictional Sherlock Holmes greatly influenced real-life criminal investigations. We even learn about the doctor who was Arthur Conan Doyle’s inspiration for Sherlock. Also included: remarks from forensic scientists, including Dr. Henry Lee, and author Anthony Horowitz (“The House of Silk” – the latest Sherlock Holmes book). The only drawback is that I found the actor who portrayed Sherlock in the dramatizations to be off-putting to a distracting degree. Otherwise, an excellent program.

The Voice (9pm, NBC) - The winner is revealed in the Season 5 finale.

Person of Interest (10pm, CBS) - A series of flashbacks to Finch’s teen years provide insight into his creation of the Machine. Meanwhile, a dying man’s number comes up, and Reese strikes out on his own.

Marshal Law: Texas (10pm, TNT) - A wanted gang member is tracked in a case that turns personal. Elsewhere, a teen goes on the run after allegedly stabbing his mentor 50 times.

How to Survive the End of the World (10pm, National Geographic Channel) - Examining the possibility of a black hole colliding with Earth and its impact on volcanic activity.

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