Robert Mulder: Rucho’s ignorance

December 17, 2013 

Regarding the Dec. 17 news article “Rucho defends controversial tweet”: I am a naturalized citizen of the United States as of June 8, 1970. I am originally from the Netherlands, and both of my parents and their families lived through the Nazi occupation of their country. They literally ate tulip bulbs to stay alive. My father refused to sign a loyalty oath to the Nazi regime, and he was put on a train to Germany where he served as forced labor for a couple of years in a factory.

N.C. Sen. Bob Rucho’s comparison of the Affordable Care Act to the “swords of the Nazis, Soviets & terrorists combined” displays an abject ignorance of World War II history as well as plain ignorance. When Rucho is up for re-election in his district, I will research his opponents. I do not live in Rucho’s district, but I am certain that I will be writing a check to his opponent.

Robert Mulder


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