Peter Rizzolo: Complicated situation in Afghanistan

December 18, 2013 

As long as any American troops remain in Afghanistan, al-Qaida and the Taliban will continue to operate and flourish in that ravished country.

However, without the American military presence, the extremists’ only reason to continue to foment violence would be to replace the struggling Afghan government with an Islamic state governed by their extreme interpretation of Sharia Law.

If the Afghan people do not want to revert back to a state governed by the Taliban or other extremists, they must take control of their destiny by supporting their government and electing leaders who are willing to do everything in their power to unite their people, who have suffered as much from foreign intervention as from domestic tyrants.

This transition for the people of Afghanistan will not be easy, but neither has been the last 10 years of foreign military occupation, as well intended as that intervention might have been. Their only hope is to eventually establish a stable multicultural society, which may be secular or Islamic, one that respects the rights of all its people to practice their individual religious and political convictions.

Peter Rizzolo

Chapel Hill

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