Northern Durham boys, Chapel Hill girls lead N&O basketball rankings

Posted by Tim Stevens on December 19, 2013 

  • High school basketball prep rankings

    Through Wednesday games


    1. Northern Durham9-1
    2. Panther Creek9-1
    3. Clayton8-1
    4. Broughton6-1
    5. Lee County7-1
    6. Heritage7-1
    7. Millbrook6-2
    8. Southeast Raleigh6-1
    9. Durham Jordan7-2
    10. Cary5-2
    11. Hillside4-1
    12. Carrboro5-2
    13. Sanderson5-3
    14. Knightdale6-3
    15. Durham Academy8-2


    1. Chapel Hill7-0
    2. Cary7-0
    3. Southeast Raleigh8-0
    4. Broughton6-0
    5. East Wake7-1
    6. Durham Hillside2-1
    7. Apex6-1
    8. Knightdale9-2
    9. Millbrook6-2
    10. Clayton6-2
    11. Durham Riverside7-2
    12. Holly Springs7-2
    13. Panther Creek8-3
    14. Cardinal Gibbons6-2
    15. Pittsboro Northwood6-1




    J.Guerra CAC924026.7
    R.Allen-Shabazz KNI615926.5
    D.High BNN716123.0
    K.Hunter GRV818222.8
    G.Clark CLY920222.4
    J.Green GRV817321.6
    C.Gensler CRY713519.3
    B.Pierce CRT59519.0
    P.Fennema SAN611218.7
    T.J.Evans APX59318.6


    F.Iraufemi MID89812.2
    C.Pulcher-Cord CRY77110.1
    D.Robinson CRY7639.0
    D.Humphrey GRV8708.8
    D.Harris RCA9707.8
    D.Byrd FUQ8627.8
    C. McCormick FRI5397.8


    N.Wortham GRV8779.6
    J.Barnes GAR7355.0
    A.Williams RCA10404.0
    K.Rabello CYC7284.0
    N.Smith CYC8313.9


    J.Guerra CAC9455.0
    R.Mbenoun RCA10363.6
    J.Green GRV8283.5
    C.Ellis CYC8273.4
    D.Moreland FRI5173.4



    A. Stevens CRY723032.9
    R.Banks CAC919822.0
    K.Chandler GAR613121.8
    K.Demski RTA919521.7
    G.Hunter ADR816120.1
    K.Ealey BRO612020.0
    T.Murphy CLY815018.8
    M.Wilson KNI1119918.1
    S.Totten NWD610517.5
    T.Bartholomew SDA1017017.0


    R.Banks CAC916618.4
    A. Stevens CRY711917.0
    T.Bartholomew SDA1010410.4
    L.Ronco DAC111049.5
    M.Beuris CGI8739.1


    K.Bright CAC5285.6
    M.Wilson KNI11605.5
    M.Goodwine FKA9495.4
    M.Reid CGI7314.4
    M.Park SDA10313.1


    M.Goodwine FKA9475.2
    S.Sheats SDA10464.6
    M.Wilson KNI11454.1
    K.Demski RTA9374.1
    C.Keel FKA9353.9

    Statistics are compiled from results reported to The News & Observer through Wednesday’s games. For expanded lists go to:

The Northern Durham boys and the Chapel Hill girls lead The News & Observer’s high school basketball rankings as teams head toward the holiday break.

The Chapel Hill girls are one of four undefeated teams in the girls rankings.

Northern Durham’s only loss was to Durham Mount Zion, 72-68.

“We’ve played pretty well,” Northern coach Ronnie Russell said. “We are kind of quick and we have very good chemistry. We’ve a good bench and we’ve been getting a good effort.

“We’ve handled the first half of the season well and will be getting into the (Piedmont Athletic 4A) season when we get back from the Christmas break.”

Ricky Council, a 6-foot-5 senior, leads the Knights with about 26 points per game. Kentrell Barkley, also 6-5, had 12 double-doubles in 2012-13 and is averaging about 18 points this season.

Point guard T.J. Crutchfield and 6-2 Jaquan Harris do most of the ball-handling and 6-4 Dillon Leobic works on the board and on the perimeter.

“We don’t have a really big man so we have to all rebound,” Russell said.

Northern Durham will play in a tournament at Clinton High next week. Broughton and Clayton, the Nos. 3 and 4 boys teams will play in the Holiday Invitational next week. Sanderson, No. 13, also is in the field at Broughton.

The Holiday Invitational girls bracket, which will be played at Cary Academy, includes No. 1 Chapel Hill, No. 2 Cary, No. 4 Broughton, No. 6 Hillside and No. 11 Durham Riverside.

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