Bill Mercer: ACA works

December 19, 2013 

In reference to J. Peder Zane’s Dec. 18 column “Obamacare made me a taker”: Obviously Zane has had the same problem that numerous people have revealed in almost the identical terms and figures.

I was visiting with a lady in a medical facility recently. The health care act came up in conversation. The lady explained she had a pre-existing condition and renewing her insurance policy would cost over a thousand dollars a month. She spent an inexorable time visiting the government program and finally by phone completed her enrollment in “Obamacare” with a new policy that costs her $130 a month plus change. She is satisfied and relieved that she has insurance within her means. She also pointed out that her sister, living on Social Security and without insurance, had successfully traversed the government website and now has a full coverage insurance policy for a little over $30 dollars per month.

It seems that for people on the edge or below in the desperation of paying a tremendously high fee or having no insurance, the Affordable Care Act is doing what it was designed to do. Maybe we should not confuse the website problems with the insurance policies’ success.

Bill Mercer


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