Jim Pellegrini: Of sips and snobs

December 19, 2013 

Rob Christensen’s Dec. 15 column contained a few paragraphs titled “Coffee wars” about replacing the Bonner Bridge. It quoted DOT Secretary Tony Tata describing environmental “elitists” opposed to the current plan as people who file lawsuits “and do so with their lattes and their contempt while the good people of the Outer Banks are fighting hard to scratch out a living.” Christensen then related the response of said environmentalist, who claims to drink his coffee black.

Describing people as “elitist” based on their coffee preferences is absurd, insulting and damaging to the coffee industry. My company is a family coffee roasting business owned and operated by two very hard-working people. I don’t consider myself “elitist” while working double shifts this holiday season, yet I enjoy a good latte as well as a black coffee. We sell our coffee to other hard-working people who own small cafes across North Carolina, including the coastal tourism areas. I know those people are not “elitist,” yet they too enjoy a good latte or a black coffee.

I also enjoy an air-conditioned office that Tata implies is the sign of an “elitist.” I’m sure he insists on an air conditioning-free office for himself at the height of the North Carolina summer.

Jim Pellegrini

CEO and Director of Coffee, Muddy Dog Roasting Company


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