Becca Gorenstein: Adapt to combat ADHD

December 20, 2013 

Society, not marketing, causes ADHD overdiagnosis. The N&O news article “Marketing pushes ADHD ‘epidemic’ ” from Nov. 15 omitted the larger culprit behind overdiagnosis and overmedication: our society, which favors the “neuro-normal.”

School systems reward kids who remain still in their seats and punish those who cannot. Parents are pressured to medicate children so they behave “appropriately.” At work, adults can struggle, too – expected to sit all day when standing would do and to participate in an hour-long call that could have been handled in 20 minutes.

Our society must adapt. If not, it will continue to focus on the “deficit” in ADHD and will remain blind to its talents and contributions.

Becca Gorenstein


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