Greg Flynn: Pumps won’t clean up Jordan Lake

December 20, 2013 

Don’t be fooled that technology to stir up algae in Jordan Lake will actually clean the water (“Can floating pumps save Jordan Lake?” Dec. 15 news story).

The state project to use SolarBee circulators is a Band-Aid being sold by the General Assembly and the McCrory administration as a cheap fix for a polluted lake. Jordan Lake is huge. The amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, cyanobacteria, septic, auto, dirt and chemical runoff is unprecedented and growing. Jordan has been rated as “impaired” for years. Adding machines to stir up water may prevent some algae from blooming in a few places but won’t actually clean the water or reduce the pollutants. They won’t clean up toxins downstream, either.

Cyanobacteria, 300 times the levels deemed safe by the World Health Organization, have been found in the Cape Fear by UNC-Wilmington scientists. Downstream communities beware.

Wake up to the games being played with our tax dollars by legislators and NCDENR. Ironically, legislators diverted funding for this untested project from the Clean Water Management Trust Fund, which means even less money for true efforts to clean water. Wake County’s legislators should fight this ridiculous project that will ultimately cost Wake residents more in clean-up costs.

Greg Flynn


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