Big Eight All-Conference football team, coaches announced

Posted by Elliott Warnock on December 22, 2013 

Southern Durham’s Adrian Jones was named Big Eight Conference coach of the year, while Spartans quarterback Kendall Hinton was offensive player of the year and Orange’s J.D. Brooks was defensive player of the year, as voted by league coaches. Orange also won the conference’s sportsmanship award.

All-conference offense

QB: Kendall Hinton, junior, Southern Durham4,159 yards passing, 40 TDs (8 INT), 1,242 rushing yards, 13 TDs
RB: William Cameron, junior, Southern Durham764 yards, 7 TDs
RB: Tay Jones, junior, Orange
RB: Pat Pettiford, senior, Orange
QB: Shawn Stankavage, senior, Cardinal Gibbons3,556 yards passing, 31 TDs (14 INT), 1,088 rushing yards, 16 TDs
RB: Kadarus Rone, junior, Northwood992 yards, 10 TDs, 477 yards receiving, 5 TDs
WR: Maurice Trowell, senior, Southern Durham1,746 yards, 20 TDs
WR: Derrick Mason, junior, Southern Durham1,090 yards, 9 TDs
WR: Ky Muller, senior, Orange
WR: Dante DiMaggio, senior, Cardinal Gibbons1,134 yards, 12 TDs
WR: Jalen Smith, junior, Northwood1,235 yards, 17 TDs
WR: Chris McKoy, junior, Cedar Ridge741 yards, 9 TDs
OL: Noah Chase, senior, Southern Durham
OL: Eric Allen, junior, Southern Durham
OL: Devonte Lynch, senior, Southern Durham
OL: Zack Wagoner, junior, Orange
OL: John Mullan, senior, Cardinal Gibbons
OL: Mac Donahue, senior, Cardinal Gibbons
OL: Logan Tisch, junior, Chapel Hill
OL: George McBurney, sophomore, Chapel Hill
OL: James Fowler, senior, Cedar Ridge
OL: Zack Watkins, senior, J.F. Webb
WR: Earl Gill, junior, Cardinal Gibbons1,027 yards, 7 TDs
QB: Ti Pinnix, junior, Northwood2,801 yards passing, 28 TDs (11 INT), 303 rushing yards, 7 TDs
K: Brandon Loy, junior, Cardinal Gibbons

All-conference defense

DL: Tahj Spivey, junior, Southern Durham
DL: Monrel Cherry, junior, Southern Durham
DL: Christian Howze, junior, Southern Durham
DL: Mark Holt, junior, Orange
DL: Jay Williams, senior, Northwood
DL: Elijah Washington, junior, Northwood
DL: Noah Layden, junior, Chapel Hill
LB: Kameron Johnson, senior, Southern Durham
LB: Joshua Manns, senior, Southern Durham
LB: Bryse Wilson, sophomore, Orange
LB: Chris Karazin, junior, Cardinal Gibbons
LB: Jared Worley, junior, Northwood
LB: Brandon Nickerson, senior, Chapel Hill
DB: Marvin Tillman, junior, Southern Durham
DB: Jeremy Griffs, junior, Southern Durham
DB: J.D. Brooks, senior, Orange
DB: Jackson O’Korn, senior, Cardinal Gibbons
DB: Connor Korfas, sophomore, Chapel Hill
DB: Julius Walton, junior, Cedar Ridge
P: Grant DeSelm, senior, Chapel Hill

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