Zoe Gabrielson: Tobacco programs need more funding

December 24, 2013 

I am writing in regard to the state’s decision not to provide funds for tobacco cessation and prevention programs. As a high school student, I have witnessed the damage that smoking has done in my school. If students aren’t given the tools they need to quit smoking or not start in the first place, they will soon spiral into an unhealthy nosedive.

I’ve also witnessed the harmful effects smoking has on adults. As the daughter of a longtime smoker, I’ve experienced the physical and emotional detriments it causes. It pains me to see my mother suffering and trying again and again to quit but not succeeding because she doesn’t have the tools to do so.

We as students have made a promise not to delve into smoking, drugs or alcohol, but the state has also made a promise to serve its people to the best of its ability. If this lack of funding continues, both promises will be broken. Are we willing to put the health of thousands of North Carolinians at risk to spare a few dollars?

Zoe Gabrielson


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