John Pilgrim: Zane disappointing

December 24, 2013 

When you announced you were adding J. Peder Zane to your Other Opinion page, I was hopeful that he would be a reasoned, articulate writer from the conservative/libertarian perspective. That would be a service to your readership. Regrettably, Zane is neither reasoned nor particularly articulate.

His Dec. 18 column “Obamacare made me a taker” was typical. In it he (implicitly) invites us to view his situation as representative of those directly helped by the ACA. He then goes on to say how terrible he feels that the ACA has forced him to become a ward of the state (as he terms it). Poor Zane!

Of course, any reasoned column would have noted that his situation is a very, very small slice of the total population directly helped by the ACA. That would have helped readers understand that while his plight might be lamentable (to him), it is not representative of the far, far larger population of people served by the ACA. But, no, Zane doesn’t do that. Instead, he just whines. And misleads us into thinking his poor, poor situation is typical of what he terms the president’s mendacity. To me, the only “mendacity” is giving Zane a pulpit to speak and mislead.

John Pilgrim


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