Brett Spivey: Zane a longtime ‘taker’

December 24, 2013 

In response to the Dec. 18 column by J. Peder Zane, titled “Obamacare made me a taker”: I am not a huge fan of the new ACA, but I would like to point out to Zane that he was a “taker” way before Obamacare, and his dignity, had he realized his welfare status at an early age, should have eroded away long ago. He became a “taker” the moment he was born when he showed up on his parents’ tax returns as a deduction.

He continued “taking” the day he entered public school and with no “incentive” to learn that a paid education certainly offers but was able to succeed. Zane was benefiting from the “redistribution of wealth” when he drove on public roads, took the home mortgage deduction (or any deduction for that matter), visited the public library, played at the park or ever needed the help of a policeman or fireman.

I would point out that some of his dignity might be restored by simply not taking the Obamacare subsidy and fully regained by giving back all the public welfare he received from being an American.

Britt Spivey


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