Steven Wade: Gouging the fools

December 24, 2013 

J. Peder Zane stated in his Dec. 18 column that Obamacare has cost him his dignity. The name for people who accept money to degrade themselves is practicing, euphemistically, “the oldest profession.”

I, too, signed up for Obamacare. I had no choice. My insurance company increased my catastrophic care plan for 2013 by almost 50 percent, with no explanation, even though I started the plan almost 18 months prior at much less. The sign-up, all total, took less than one hour. Four days after having completed the process, I received from my chosen insurer a letter stating that my new policy through Obamacare would be in effect Jan. 1.

Zane and the insurance companies like to blame Obamacare for the rise in premiums. The insurance companies are taking the public for fools: They blame Obamacare for the rise of private premiums and get subsidy payments from the government, all the while repeating how Obamacare is responsible for increased prices and then laughing all the way to the bank. With greater numbers of people signing up with insurance companies through Obamacare, their prices should be coming down, not going up! Once again, the affluent are gouging everyone else. How else did they get so wealthy?

Steven Wade

Chapel Hill

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