Susan Brumley: Beam followed rules

December 25, 2013 

Regarding the Dec. 22 news article “Disappearing act”: What in the world put the bee in your bonnet over Steve Beam? Is it because he was smart enough to negotiate a great compensation package? Yep, I’m a little jealous, too.

He keeps his bosses happy through his successes and accomplishments at Raleigh Housing Authority. He’s always available by phone for any RHA emergency just like any other exempt manager. He disclosed his magic business 17 years ago and took steps to lessen his personal time commitment after being appointed director. He is entitled to comp time, which he uses once in a while, several weeks of earned vacation and a week of sick leave annually. Sounds like he posted online a few times at the office. Who among us hasn’t checked Facebook at work?

I don’t know Beam or much about RHA, but it seems to me this is a smart guy who follows the policies and guidelines provided to and expected of him. Maybe you should go after the policies instead of the guy who is following them.

Susan Brumley


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