Jack van Dijk: Coverage for all

December 25, 2013 

When I was about 12 years old (a few months back), there were discussions about implementing the new health care insurance law in the Netherlands. I remember because the idea was to cover everyone so people would stay healthy so they could work, so they could pay taxes. There are no “socialistic” considerations in those countries, only true capitalistic.

Now I am 76 and living here, and I have to suffer through dumb statements like, “I have had my insurance for 36 years, and it served me well.” No, it did not. That insurance would have dumped us when we really had to use it (lifetime maximums and pre-existing conditions).

The U.S. should join other advanced nations and cover everyone, which would lower the overall cost of health care to boot. The health care cost in Holland is only two-thirds of that in the U.S., and all are covered. Insurance companies in the Netherlands handle all the insurance.

Jack van Dijk


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