Harry Hutson: Krauthammer too negative

December 26, 2013 

Yes, I understand that Charles Krauthammer is the conservative columnist most read by thinking liberals. He’s smart, and there’s no mistaking his views. In his Dec. 20 column “The story of the year,” Krauthammer fumed he doesn’t care a “whit” about the insurance companies (because they’re complicit in health care reform), and he is completely opposed to single-payer health care (like Medicare?). All he wants is a “functioning, flourishing, choice-driven medical system” – and please not “nationalized health care.” Great.

So here’s what we have now: millions uninsured and a system that ranks first in costs and last in quality among developed countries like us. Could we put positive outcomes like better health and reduced cost at the center of the debate and let go of ideologies that constrain options while benefiting politicians (and pundits)?

There must be better use of N&O opinion page real estate than Krauthammer’s fear-mongering. He’s not helping.

Harry Hutson

Chapel Hill

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