Sally Wenda: Less is more during holidays

December 26, 2013 

We were anticipating a quiet and perhaps lonely Christmas after our children decided to go on a cruise. Unable to join them for health reasons we decided to cut way back on gifts (money works for the travelers) and decorations.

Because of my illness the Christmas boxes never came down from the attic. We made do with poinsettias and live greenery. No candles in the windows, no tree for the first time in our 50 years together and no cranberry pudding – a tradition in our family.

Our only trip to Crabtree Valley Mall was to accompany our 19-month-old grandson to see Santa. The gifts we gave were donations to charity, and homemade cookies and candy (my hobby) personally delivered to friends and neighbors.

We had been invited to friends for dinner but couldn’t go because of illness. Instead my husband made a fabulous roast pork – with dumplings and sauerkraut – one of our favorites. Chocolate eclairs for dessert.

It will probably never happen again, but we have learned a lot through all this and are reminded that Christmas started on the 25th and will go for 12 days. I may even put the green bow on the mailbox in preparation for New Year’s. Feels good.

I believe I have learned a very valuable lesson this wonderful season. Less is actually more.

Sally Wenda


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