Puppet McCrory just wants to be loved

Posted by Patrick Gannon on December 27, 2013 

Some might say Frank Eaton’s heart isn’t in the right place this Christmas, but his sense of humor is intact in a new puppet Pat McCrory video released this week.

Eaton, a North Carolina-based Democratic political ad-maker, wove some of the most controversial topics of 2013 – from the rejection of the federal Medicaid expansion to teacher pay – into a 5-minute video starring a felt-puppet likeness of the Republican McCrory.

In the video, titled “Pat McCrory’s Super Special Christmas Special,” the puppet governor finds himself lonely and depressed at the end of his first year in office. “Nobody’s ever happy with anything I do,” he says. “If only there was a way for me to remind people what a wonderful guy I am.”

So the governor seeks solace in the homes of North Carolina residents, donning a Santa hat and carrying a plate of cookies, but he finds people that aren’t feeling too sorry for him. The video ends with the puppet singing a song with the refrain, “I am the governor, how come I can’t get no love from ya?”

Eaton wrote in a news release that the spot was “made for peanuts” and without the backing of a political organization.

Update: Not amused was Kim Genardo, the governor’s spokeswoman.

"This is yet another disrespectful, childish and biased political stunt from a left-wing paid media consultant that The News & Observer promotes and encourages,” Genardo said Saturday. “It is a sad commentary on the state of journalism and politics today."

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