David Cass: Ferry makes sense on OB

December 27, 2013 

Your readers’ comments in the Dec. 22 Sunday Forum about Bonner Bridge brought up some good points – “It’s island living” and “The fine ferry” in particular.

To these I would add that a ferry landing would be a lot easier to move when the need comes and that a ferry service provides numerous jobs, on shore as well as afloat, and a lower initial cost.

Yes, it would slow down those who commute to work. They would need to plan ahead, perhaps “walk on” and have a car at a commuter parking lot on the other side.

As for rescue services, medevac by air (Coast Guard) over the highway would be my choice. A healthy discount for frequent riders would be a perk.

A ferry service could also be more flexible in response to highway washouts, if a couple of alternate landings were in place. The Outer Banks area is a beautiful place. I go as often as I can. Having it stay an island isn’t such a bad thing.

David Cass


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