Wayne Muller: America needs a Mandela

December 27, 2013 

Yes, Nelson Mandela was truly a great man. This man stood up to the laws of his country, spent 20-plus years in prison and then was elected president.

I am sure that there are many American men who are in prison for standing up to the laws of this country, whether it was about racism, too much taxation, the disparity of pay, the failure to take care of our returning veterans or the huge divide between the rich and powerful and the poor. I hope and pray that one day that person will be set free and become President of these United States.

We have had enough of the rich and powerful running this country. What we need is a common man who will see to it that the injustices in this country are fixed. Will it ever happen? Not in this country. Our elected leaders blow smoke in the face of the media for all the world to see and pretend to praise Mandela’s past actions in Africa. But trust me, they do not want a Nelson Mandela in this country. I do.

Wayne Muller


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