David Harris: Parent input essential

December 28, 2013 

The Dec. 15 letter “Cloudy compensation” basically said that teachers and administrations should not only be challenged with improving the results of the system but also be at risk if the system fails to improve.” The writer is correct but only to a point.

The writer, like many of our politicians, tends to blame teachers and administrators for the ills of our education system. That’s easy. In a classroom of 24 students, there are a potential 48 voting parents and one voting teacher. Who are you going to blame? Not the parents who think the school is going to raise their children. Not the parent who blames the school when Johnny or Suzy gets into trouble. Not the parent who will not make his child do her homework and study. Not the parent who sends her child to school each day improperly prepared. Not the parent who blames the school when Johnny and Suzy don’t pass their course work.

Students with parents who participate in their children’s education will do far better than those who don’t. Want to blame the teacher for a lack of output? We will get better output when we get better parent input.

David Harris


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