Julio Vazquez: Testing not learning

December 28, 2013 

Regarding Rob Christensen’s Dec. 11 column “Schools in N.C. are not failing”: It seems that he has fallen victim to the same logic that others do. He states how our math and science test scores compare with other countries. While it may seem impressive that our students test better than other students, the only thing it proves is that for that particular set of tests at that specified time N.C. students did better.

It does not logically follow that they are better educated because the tests are generally not geared to gauge critical thinking skills that allow them to extrapolate the facts tested into problem-solving strategies. Test-taking ability does not translate into successful skills for today’s global economy. Testing is just a gauge of how well students can regurgitate the facts thrown at them, not how well they understand them.

Julio Vazquez


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