Evan K. Miller: Skvarla’s focus not on environment

December 29, 2013 

The Dec. 16 Point of View piece by Amy Adams shone a bright light on the endangerment of North Carolina’s natural resources by the very agency entrusted to protect them, prompting Secretary John Skvarla to “shoot the messengers” in an arrogant, derisive, defensive reply.

Alas, showing no empathy or concern at the loss of a valued and dedicated career professional, showing no grasp of DENR’s essential mission of stewardship, he proceeded to shoot himself in the foot – denying the administration’s pledge to make regulations more business friendly in one breath and in the next claiming to have turned DENR from the state’s “No. 1 obstacle of resistance into a customer-friendly juggernaut in such a short time.”

Like Gov. Pat McCrory and many of the key appointees in this one-party government, the secretary doesn’t seem to realize that his “customers” are all the residents of North Carolina, their children and posterity. There is no confusion, though, on who their masters are: corporate and special interest lobbies and super PACS.

Government of the people, by the right-wing nuts for the wealthy and powerful is sure making a mess of things. Voters take heed!

Evan K. Miller


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