Chip Carthathan: More to a man

December 30, 2013 

Two weeks ago, Jerron McGuirt and Jessica Liriano were brutally slain, allegedly by the former boyfriend of Liriano. In your reports of this crime, the description of McGuirt was inflammatory and divisive. It is true that McGuirt had served time in prison in North Carolina; however, that fact had nothing to do with his death and did not reflect the model citizen he had been since his release from prison.

In your articles, there was no mention that McGuirt was working several jobs, that he had raised financing to start up a monthly magazine, “Bull City Heat,” serving the black community or that, on the day of his killing, he was to meet his father to formally start their own small business. Instead, you exclusively listed his past involvement in crime, which was not relevant to the man he had become and did not contribute to his death.

The News & Observer appears to have a predilection to use inflammatory language in describing black crime victims, which further adds to the suffering of families in difficult times.

Chip Carnathan


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