Carl Hinson: Winning recipe

January 1, 2014 

Regarding the Dec. 29 letter “Wake Forest has won national titles”: This was a response to another letter that stated that Wake Forest would probably never win another title. Obviously, athletics is the subject in reference. What a pity and down right shame for Wake Forest University. I guess it will have to bow down and just admit that it belongs in the same lowly group as Caltech, MIT, Johns Hopkins University and maybe even Harvard, Yale and Princeton. None of these universities will probably ever win an NCAA championship, either.

However, there is hope for Wake Forest and the hundreds of colleges and universities that probably will never win a championship. They can direct their administrators to start offering courses that require no attendance, term papers, exams or teachers and they will be overflowed with “student-athletes” and find their stadiums and gyms to capacity and maybe even earn an NCAA championship.

Carl Hinson


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