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From staff reportsJanuary 2, 2014 

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    “We Are What We Are”

    “The Following: Season 1” (TV)

    “Birth of the Living Dead”


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(PG, 2013, Arc Entertainment) – In the two years since Linsanity took a planet of sports fans by storm, Jeremy Lin has returned to Earth as a good but wholly mortal sixth-man point guard for the Houston Rockets. Consequently, Linsanity doesn’t feel like forever ago so much as something we all must have imagined, and the presence of a documentary bearing the phenomenon’s name feels premature for a basketball player whose NBA career likely projects to end up somewhere hovering just above pretty good. But the most wonderful thing about the mostly wonderful “Linsanity” is how potently the feeling returns when the moment arrives where Lin transformed, over a couple of hours and then a couple of weeks, from an inevitably jobless NBA never-was to the biggest sensation on the planet. Partial credit naturally goes to the moment itself, which stands alone as one of those rare times when real-life sports looks crazier than a Disney film. But Lin himself participates heavily in “Linsanity’s” recollection not only of his breakout moment, but the lean and sometimes ugly years that preceded and nearly prevented it. His complete candor – sometimes to funny effect, sometimes at his own expense, but almost always honest in a way few athletes are on the record – takes what would have been a fun but needless documentary and elevates it into a can’t-miss for anyone who appreciates the game.

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