Tom Hauck: Teacher quality

January 2, 2014 

The N&O has issued many calls via news articles, letters to the editor and columns for better teacher pay and conditions. None speaks about the quality of the work that teachers perform; they cover only teacher pay and teacher morale.

The Dec. 31 Point of View “Urgent wake-up call from teachers” had the temerity to compare the N.C. teaching establishment to the very successful, private software company SAS. I wonder whether SAS would survive with a product that had an overall 19 percent failure rate? Of the 81 percent “success” rate, what if over half needed additional work to do the job?

A teacher’s product is a high school graduate who can do entry-level community college work. Only 81 percent graduate, and more than half need remedial work in their first year at a community college.

Teachers should teach every child and not blame the parents or the Republicans for the failures, which long predate the Republicans taking over the legislature.

Tom Hauck, Pittsboro

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