Jim Holloway: Hungry for civility

January 3, 2014 

Regarding the Dec. 28 article “Tensions rise over animal issues”: The greatest roadblocks to resolving any conflict are inflammatory and extreme statements proffered by opposing parties. This certainly appears to be true in the case of animal rights organizations versus the livestock industry. Kimberley Alboum, state director of the Humane Society, asks, “Is there a clash? Yeah, I guess at this point there is. Folks holding onto these practices of using crates, battery cages – North Carolinians just don’t want them anymore.”

I am certain that Alboum does not speak for all North Carolinians. If she did, then we would have no conflict.

On the other side is Tom Ray, director of livestock health for the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, who says that the Humane Society is “an animal rights terrorist vegan-only organization.”

There can be no resolution or melding of ideas until all parties dispense with exaggerated rhetoric and communicate issues with civility and respect. Obviously, this is a familiar theme in our country today. What has happened to us? Is it naive to think that we have ever been civil in our public discourse?

Jim Holloway, Raleigh

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