Arthur L. Finn: Tongue, cheek, guns

January 3, 2014 

Ellie Kinnaird, whom I love and admire greatly and whose words and actions have been an inspiration for me and countless others, has finally, to coin a phrase, missed the mark completely with her impassioned letter Dec. 31 about the overproduction and proliferation of guns in this country.

To her question “When will we say enough is enough?” the answer is obvious: never. Doesn’t she understand that being armed to the teeth is the new moral – to say nothing of legal – imperative in North Carolina? When will she realize that the only way we can all be safe is if we all carry guns?

She probably also thinks that it is bad to build charter schools and deny funding for public education, to pay 20-somethings thousands of dollars for state jobs for which they are not qualified and at the same time deny millions of people funding for adequate medical care. Has she, at last, no sense of decency, no moral compass?

I say, go NRA and Grass Roots North Carolina. Keep up the good work until there are so few of us left that even Malthus can rest easy.

Arthur L. Finn

Chapel Hill

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