Stacie Hagwood: Political advice for 2014

January 4, 2014 

Hey, politicians, it’s an election year! Here is some advice:

Republicans: Stop being so angry and acting like spoiled brats. I might agree with some of their ideas, but I will not vote for someone with bad behavior. Since most of them “claim” to be Christian, they need to start acting like it and stop bashing our teachers and poisoning the earth that God entrusted us with.

And Democrats: They care so much about poor people? Stop enabling them! Stop giving them something for nothing and give them some incentive to crawl out of generational poverty. Hold parents accountable for their children’s education.

I am unaffiliated, and right now my plan is to vote against every incumbent. So here is the challenge for politicians: Start acting like adult leaders and make our state a better place. If not, I’ll vote them out and send them back to kindergarten where they can relearn how to share, take turns, listen when others are talking and working together for the good of everyone.

Stacie Hagwood


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