Thomas Ragusa: To the lions

January 4, 2014 

All true science endeavors to explain natural phenomena. We do this in an attempt to formulate laws, principles and models to help us solve everyday challenges. All science follows exactly the same rules.

For instance, the rules of science for zoology follow exactly the rules of science for economics. Lions (the 1 percent very rich) are the apex predator. They are kings of the beasts and lords of the jungle. Zebras (the middle class) are not. Lions survive by eating zebras. There are many more zebras than there are lions. It takes many zebras to support one lion over the course of a lion’s life. One might even deduce that a healthy zebra population is necessary for lions to exist. Without a healthy zebra population, lions would become extinct.

Trickle Down Economics purports that if we make the lions healthier (the rich richer), the zebras will be better off. To test this theory of economics, put 100 rich people into a room with one lion. In this way, the rich can identify the touted benefits of TDE as members of the middle class. After one week, we then poll the rich and see, if we can find them, if they are still in favor of TDE.

Thomas Ragusa

Wake Forest

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