Gretchen Niver: The Cary way

January 5, 2014 

I laughed out loud at your Dec. 30 story about Cary leaders being concerned with “smart .” Where was that attitude 30 years ago? My husband and I moved to Cary in 1976 when it was a nice little town of about 15,000-18,000. By 1995 we couldn’t wait to get out of there and move to Chatham County. Everywhere you turned there were new subdivisions and shopping centers. Traffic was terrible.

People here in Chatham are holding hard to the reins to control growth in this lovely, rural area, and all they have to say is, “Don’t end up like Cary, or Apex, or Holly Springs!” The Chatham Park proposal is a huge chunk of “Cary-style development” all at once, which makes it especially threatening.

Cary lost its battle years ago, but its example can go a long way toward showing Pittsboro and Chatham County how not to do things.

Gretchen Niver


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