Lisa Simon: Food wars

January 6, 2014 

Part of an ad that will be wrapped around two city buses in Raleigh The Humane Society of the United States

Why do “traditional agricultural interests” get defensive when their production methods are questioned? Who are “traditional agricultural interests”? Not the local farmers they try to disguise themselves as.

These huge corporations swallow up local farms. Why are these conglomerates worried by efforts to educate the public about food production? Educating the public is not a war on farmers. Corporate farms have already waged war on small farmers and almost won. Ten years ago it was almost impossible for small-scale hog farmers to compete with the large operations. Many gave up.

Now educated consumers are demanding locally grown, safer food so they can support small farmers and food raised without drugs to protect their health. They also want food produced under humane conditions that benefit the animals and protect our environment.

Larry Wooten, president of the N.C. Farm Bureau, was correct when he stated there is a disconnect between consumers and the food they eat. Sadly, a large percentage of the public remains ignorant of the facts, even when they are depicted large as life on the side of a bus. Large corporations want to keep the public ignorant. Keeping consumers ignorant highlights the fact that “traditional agricultural interests” truly have something to hide.

Lisa Simon


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