Bill Krupp: Outside influences

January 7, 2014 

I just noticed a red and white bumper sticker, “This is our State.” I understand it was designed to bolster fan support for the N.C. State football team. Seeing it caused me to question not N.C. State football but N.C. politics. Who is really controlling politics in “our state”? N.C. voters or out-of-state political action groups?

A slick TV ad recently encouraged voters to call Sen. Kay Hagan about health care because “she just doesn’t get it.” This questionable but legal strategy against Hagan was funded by Karl Rove’s American Crossroads, a national Republican PAC. In response, a Democratic affiliate, the Senate Majority PAC, attacked Hagan’s potential Republican rival, House Speaker Thom Tillis.

On the legislative front, our Republican leaders received guidance from the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council in writing and exacting laws concerning voter ID rules, school vouchers, health care, gun rights and taxes. Out-of-state Republican and Democratic allies have joined the court battle to support or defeat the 2011 legislative redistricting.

Expect outside groups to bombard us with toxic rhetoric, falsehoods, slick ads and stealthy campaigns. I hope N.C. voters will vote for candidates who are truly concerned for N.C. and not just the balance of power in Congress.

Bill Krupp


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