Janis Ramquist: More than books

January 7, 2014 

It’s bad enough reading letters spouting opinions based on an astounding lack of knowledge, but when your paid columnists do so, it’s depressing.

Where will voters get accurate information? An example is the Dec. 25 column “Stop the (textbook) presses” by Marc Landry proposing that textbook funding be cut due to the availability of technology and that the funds go for teacher pay. Soon legislators will use that as an excuse to transfer educational material funds to teacher salaries rather than increase the total investments in public education.

Landry could have found the following in five minutes. State law (GS-115C85) defines textbooks as “formats may be ... activity oriented programs, classroom kits, and technology based programs that require the use of electronic equipment.” Technology and educational materials don’t fall from the sky into the classroom. Many are paid for by teachers from their paltry earnings.

Close tax loopholes to pay teachers and fund educational materials; don’t take funds from already depleted programs. I realize the editors are trying to provide different opinions, but please don’t further the spread of ignorance.

Janis Ramquist


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