GOP commissioners taunting Wake school board

January 7, 2014 

It’s churlish and childish and a ridiculous waste of time, but Wake County’s Republican commissioners continue to stir a feud with a school board run by Democrats.

GOP commissioners last summer figured that with fellow Republicans in charge at the General Assembly, they could push through a vindictive bill to let them take over school construction and property management. There was no good reason for it. But Democrats had taken control of the school board after two disastrous years under Republicans and had fired a superintendent hired by their predecessors.

Commissioners thankfully lost that bid at the legislature after it turned out there was lackluster support for the idea. Now, with voters having approved a school bond issue of $810 million to facilitate the building of 18 schools and renovations at many others, commissioners have decided to bully the school board, delaying approval of money for design work on some new schools. They claim they need more information. Republican Commissioner Paul Coble – who, when he’s not holding up a vote on a transit tax, likes to torture the Board of Education – doesn’t like ideas about school design prototypes the school board is considering.

Those reasons are no reasons at all, and these commissioners are wasting the public’s time and delaying action on building schools that need to be built. Voters approved the bonds, signaling they want to move ahead. Commissioners lost their maneuver at the General Assembly. It’s time for them to grow up and do their duty as elected officials (that means serving the public, by the way) and cut out their silly diversions. Their board room has become a playground.

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