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January 8, 2014 

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    Each Monday we’ll run a quiz testing your knowledge of the past week’s events. the answers will appear Wednesday on Page 2B. If you’d like to test yourself against other N&O readers, you can take the quiz online at All contestants with perfect scores will have their names entered in a drawing to win an N&O umbrella. Congratulations to Barbara McGeachy of Raleigh, December’s quiz winner.

1. A. New Year’s Day hikes along the Eno River have been a tradition since the late 1960s or early 1970s.

2. C. Prince William plans to enroll in a 10-week course in agricultural management at Cambridge University.

3. C. Regulars at Sadlack’s gathered for one last drink before the Hillsborough Street favorite closed to make way for a new hotel and retail project.

4. A. Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane has proposed putting community centers and other recreational facilities in underutilized strip malls.

5. D. 3-D printers are being used more to produce runway fashions and have some advantages over conventional sewing machines.

6. C. WNCN anchor Penn Holderness is leaving his spot at the NBC station to work with his wife at their video production company

7. B. The recently launched BernieSez website and mobile app help people retain legal counsel to handle their traffic tickets.

8. D. Google’s Motorola Mobility branch proposed an “electronic skin tattoo” for the throat – with a built-in microphone, battery and wireless transceiver – that would let someone operate other devices via voice commands.

9. C. Patches was brought to North Carolina in November when the Erie Zoo decided to get out of the polar bear business.

10. C. Facebook’s strongest growth over the past year has come from users over the age of 65.

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