Trilogy's re-release a good time to read ‘Blue Dahlia’

McClatchy-Tribune News ServiceJanuary 11, 2014 

“Blue Dahlia” by Nora Roberts

  • Fiction

    Blue Dahlia

    Nora Roberts

    Berkley Publishing, 400 pages

It may be 9 years old, but “Blue Dahlia” – as well as the other two in this trilogy (“Black Rose” and “Red Lily”) that’s being re-released between now and March – is definitely worth reading.

Or re-reading.

The trilogy tracks the lives and loves (or love of their lives) of three very different women, drawn together by fate. Stella, Hayley and Roz all work together and live together as they try to fix their upturned lives – and of course, in the process, find love.

In “Blue Dahlia,” Stella comes to work for Roz in her landscaping nursery and finds a job and man (Logan) to love.

In “Black Rose,” it’s Roz’s turn to take the tumble of love when she hires Mitch to research the identity of her home’s resident ghost.

In “Red Lily,” Harper and Hayley’s union has been inevitable since the first book in the “In the Garden” trilogy. Their romance simply simmers in the background while we watch the other romances develop.

But it all starts with Stella and Logan in “Blue Dahlia.”

Stella is a young widow who moves to Harper House with her young sons. She strikes an immediate friendship with Roz and Hayley, and something more with landscaper Logan.

As with most of Nora Roberts’ books, the dialogue and interaction – the chemistry – between not just the hero and heroine but among all the characters is compelling and pulls you in. It’s just a well-written book with an intriguing story and characters you want to have as friends.

In other words, “Blue Dahlia” is a typical Roberts book.

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