Denise Bricker: Classroom challenge

January 11, 2014 

Regarding the Jan. 3 letter “Teacher quality” bemoaning how teachers’ “products” fail 19 percent of the time: The writer has the temerity to blame teachers?

I don’t teach, but I would love to see him turn out successful students when they start school woefully unprepared, when parents don’t demand respect, study, homework, etc. When teachers can’t discipline the ill-behaved because Mommy objects. When honest grades are met with promises of lawsuits.

Let’s see him teach 30 kids and do multiple testing on each child and fill out numerous reports and keep track of all the individual lesson plans demanded by parents. Let’s see him teach kids who are hungry, spoiled, don’t speak English, academically gifted and academically challenged, all in the same classroom. I want to see him deal with parents who don’t care, a legislature that apparently thinks teachers just sit around all day and the ignorant public who believes teachers should be able to overcome all the years and hours of training or lack thereof in the few hours they have children in class. Then he can profusely apologize to the teachers who taught him to read and write. I dare him to spend a month in a classroom.

Denise Bricker


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