Dianne Bailey Alton: An effective series

January 11, 2014 

I am sorry to see the series “Seeing the invisible: A yearlong look at N.C. poverty” end. I am still haunted by the photo from the January 2013 essay of the courageous couple that showed them settling down in their car for the night.

I have learned much about various communities throughout this state, and the numbers of people in poverty are staggering. I wish each member of our legislature and our governor had one of those individual stories posted in their offices as they vote or make changes in our laws to remind them how those choices will challenge the daily decisions of the poor and their children.

I want to thank The News & Observer for allowing Professor Gene Nichol the opportunity to show us the faces and stories that affect so many people in our state. I am once again reminded of how grateful I am for the blessings and gifts I have so been given and that, for those of us who have been given much, much is required.

Dianne Bailey Alton


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