Q&A: Carolina Panthers wide receiver Domenik Hixon

January 11, 2014 


Carolina Panthers wide receiver Domenik Hixon is fluent in German and hooked on fishing. And that’s no fish story.

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10 questions about life away from football with Panthers wide receiver Domenik Hixon:

Q. So I hear you like to fish. When did you start fishing and who got you into it?

A. I was probably about 6 or 7. And my dad did.

Q. You grew up in Germany and you were an Army brat. What was that like?

A. My parents met over there and I grew up in Germany until I was 12. And then my dad was relocated to White Hall, Ohio, and that’s where we were stationed at for my high school years.

Q. Is your mom German?

A. Yeah she was born and raised over there. All of my mom’s side of the family speaks German. My cousin is bilingual but the rest of them speak German.

Q. Do you speak German?

A. I do. I’m fluent in German.

Q. Back to fishing. How’s the fishing in Germany?

A. Slow-paced. It’s more of lake fishing and things of that type, I guess. I couldn’t even tell you what type of fish I caught. As young as I was it didn’t even matter. Whatever was on the hook was exciting to me.

Q. Is it something you do in the offseason to try to relax your mind?

A. Yeah. I last went the day before training day. My first real fishing experience when I was 12 before we went to Ohio, we went to Pensacola, Fla., and my uncle took us to the bridge he always fished at. And that’s when I really got hooked. After that any time I had the opportunity to go fishing, I went.

Q. Hooked. No pun intended?

A. Yeah, no pun intended.

Q. What’s your best fishing story?

A. The one that got away. I was back home with one of my buddies who has his own charter boat business. It was a good day and we decided to go for some bigger fish. We went for a Kingfish. The fish hits the line, takes off – a lot of line – and I’m reeling him in. I’m about to gaff him and the hook pulls from his mouth.

Q. How big was he?

A. Well the fish story that he was “that big,” he was probably a 40-pound Kingfish.

Q. Are you sure he wasn’t a 30-pound Kingfish?

A. See that’s what I’m talking about! That’s a fish story right there.

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