Paul Y. Coble: Common sense questions

January 12, 2014 

Regarding the Jan. 8 editorial describing my questions about the Wake County school board’s proposed expenditures for new school facilities as “bullying”: The county commissioners asked legitimate financial questions about the expenditure of tax dollars extracted from our residents. Through the election process, the community gave us the responsibility for overseeing the expenditure of bond money for school facilities.

You apparently do not understand the meaning of the word “bully” any more than the school board understands the concept of the word “prototype” when it comes to designing schools. Wake residents did pass the $810 million school bond issue, but that does not mean they handed the school board a blank check. I believe voters expect the county commissioners to demand a realistic accounting of how their money is spent and to ask the common sense questions they would ask if they had the opportunity.

I find it hard to understand why we should exclude local and reputable business owners from the bidding process, thus missing the opportunity to find the lowest, responsible bidders and ignoring a state statute that requires public entities to be accountable for their financial decisions.

If the owners of The News & Observer ever decide to replace the eyesore that you now occupy, I am sure your financial experts will demand an accounting of how their dollars are being spent. So what is different?

Paul Y. Coble

Wake County commissioner


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