David Rose: Crack down on cheaters

January 12, 2014 

When I read a letter like “Parasitic protesters” in the Jan. 6 paper, I wonder where some people get their world view. There are inevitably people who cheat on welfare, unemployment benefits, disability, etc. But why pick on the unfortunate rather than all levels of the economic spectrum? I can cite examples at all levels. The solution is not to take away the safety net we have for those in need but to strive to deal with the cheaters.

I plan to be present Feb. 8 for my first Moral Monday event. I was a member of the Republican Party for most of my life but am now registered as an independent.

I am one of those fortunate enough to have worked for one employer for four decades and am retired with pension, 401(k) and Social Security. I worked for my retirement, but I can clearly see (and have seen) that many who have worked just as hard as I did were not as fortunate either in good health or stability of employment.

I won’t venture into our lack of a “living wage” for hard work.

David Rose


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